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Debunking the myths on Perfectionism and Self Compassion

  • Holiday Inn Forum 97 Cromwell Road London SW7 4DN United Kingdom (map)

This highly experiential, psycho-educational workshop focuses on two of the most prolific and extremely dangerous myths that are keeping millions of us stuck and playing below our real potential: Perfectionism and Self Compassion.

Nicola and Sanela believe we confuse perfectionism and striving for excellence. If we look perfect and do everything perfectly we will avoid judgement, criticism and disconnection from others. We believe it is a badge of honour, a sign that we are adhering to high standards and delivering exceptional value to our clients. We push ourselves and those around us hard in order to achieve it. When we fail, we engage in negative behaviours of blame and self criticism that keep us stuck for longer. But what if Perfectionism is actually a heavy armour which stops us from being truly seen, expressing our opinions, delivering our best work. What if perfectionism stops us from being brave in the way we lead, parent and love?

They will look into the research showing that Self Compassion is not a weakness but the best tool of resourcefulness available to us. It has nothing to do with “letting yourself off the hook” and everything to do with “having your own back”. 

This workshop draws from extensive research by Dr. Brené Brown (Daring Way), Kristin Naff (Self Compassion) as well as research on will power. Participants will learn about the concepts and then half the workshop will be applying  the learning through doing with various exercises. You will learn to:

  • understand perfectionism and the negative impact it has on us and our potential

  • offer a way to reframe it and embrace a more positive approach of striving for excellence purposes?

  • learn about 3 aspects of self compassion and how it works and how to practice it

Sanela Brkovic-Lukanovic is an Accredited Daring Way facilitator, life and career coach. Her passion is empowering women to show up, be seen and live brave(TM) as well as taking this work to parents and schools. She has 14 years of life and career coaching experience background, including working in corporates, business schools and in her private practice.

Nicola Arnold is a certified coach who empowers individuals to stand in their spotlight, illuminating their path of possibilities. With over 20 years’ experience, her passion is in supporting individuals to create a positive and empowering belief in what they want. Nicola is also a registered coach for the Kent, Surrey and Sussex NHS Leadership Academy.


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