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"Be Here Now: Using Mindfulness in Coaching" with Tim Segaller

  • Holiday Inn Forum (1st Floor Academy Suite) 97 Cromwell Road (Courtfield Road entrance) London SW7 4DN United Kingdon (map)

Truly effective coaching depends on the quality of the coach’s presence and attention – your capacity to ‘hold the space’ for your client’s process of enquiry, insight and change. One of the most effective ways to develop this capacity is through mindfulness – the art of skilful awareness. Developed through meditation and other simple mindful exercises, mindfulness counteracts the human tendency to get stuck on ‘autopilot’, when your attention is caught up in intrusive thoughts and emotions. This workshop will cover: the origins and practices of mindfulness and its natural affinity with coaching; how to practise simple, clinically-proven mindfulness techniques to support your coaching presence, thinking processes and emotional resilience; and then how to share these techniques with your clients.

Participants will learn by doing through mini coaching sessions in pairs practising leading mindfulness exercises with coachees, and using more subtle mindfulness-based techniques to take the coaching deeper.

Tim is a specialist in the field of psychological resilience, a pioneer in the fusion of mindfulness and coaching, and author of ‘The ABC Guide to Mindfulness’, a teach-yourself guide to getting more from life through kindly awareness.


I mentioned Tim in a podcast that I recorded the next morning, and also am trialling the mindfulness in my monthly catch-ups with my direct reports at work. Thank you Tim!”
“I actually found being the combination of being mindful and coached improved my day”!
“Enjoyed the event and got a better understanding of mindfulness