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"The Art of Team Coaching" with Georgina Woudstra

  • Holiday Inn Forum (1st Floor Academy Suite) 97 Cromwell Road (Courtfield Road entrance) London SW7 4DN (map)

Learn how mastering the art of team coaching can make an impact on the way you see and work with your clients in this experiential workshop. Connect with your love of coaching and translate this to working with teams through the use of team coaching competencies. Georgina Woudstra will take us on a journey of experience, practice and reflection. We will practice team coaching using a team simulation and reflection on this experience will support the integration of our collective and individual learning. Transformational learning happens fresh, live and in the moment. 

Georgina first trained as a coach in 1992 and since then has studied with many different coaching schools learning and integrating varied approaches, from Transpersonal to Time-To-Think to Solutions-Focused. She is an ICF Master Certified Coach and has built a strong reputation as a CEO and executive team coach. She founded the Executive Coach Studio to support coaches in deepening their practice through advanced coach development, the flagship programme being their Diploma in Team Coaching Mastery.

I so respect the rigour and passion with which Georgina demonstrates her commitment to developing individuals , coaches and teams to be at their best. Hugely grateful for her being and doing - thank you “
“Georgina! She was wonderful - a grounded and experienced coach that held the room wonderfully”
“Just thank you for an excellent event.