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Guest Blog - Positioning Yourself as a ‘Go-to Expert’ - by Lisa Farr

Through working with hundreds of coaches, consultants and trainers, I’ve seen a number of advantages they benefit from when they position themselves a specialist:

1. Firstly clients expect to pay more for a specialist than a generalist so it can be far more profitable

2. It makes it easier for clients to recommend you to others as they know exactly who you work with and what it is that you offer

3. It allows you to become far more specific in who you are targeting saving you time

4.  You know the exact problem you help clients with and it can become much easier to show your value and demonstrate a return on investment to your potential clients

How do you become an expert?

I believe that most coaches, consultants and trainers are in business to make a difference in the world.  There is a greater purpose behind what we do and it’s not just about making money, although we need to do the latter as well to have a sustainable business.  

When I’m working with clients, they’ve found it highly beneficial to explore what the difference is that they want to make and the bigger purpose within their business and their work. You could call it your bigger reason ‘Why?’ 

Often I find this connects people to such a source of energy and passion that it helps them to take a leap forward to a new level of success. 

How do you position yourself as an expert?

To be able to build your profile and position yourself highlight your strengths in the market place as an expert, there are a number of ways I’ve found can work well, here are some that you may find helpful.  

- The number of years experience you have

- Your highest level professional qualifications (this does not mean list all of them!)

- The number of clients you have worked with

- Any prizes, awards, honours or professional recognition you’ve received

- Who you have worked with (can be past clients and past employers)

- What other people have said about you

- Books or articles you have had published in local, national or trade press

- Conferences or events you have spoken at

- Any media you have featured in, such as radio or TV

I always suggest to clients just choose your strongest two or three from the above, otherwise it can almost become a shopping list of achievements that can begin to feel like bragging which most of us don’t like!

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About Lisa:

Lisa Farr specialises in helping consultants, coaches and other small business owners to get more clients. She has over twenty-five years experience in marketing and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, which puts her in the top 3% of marketers worldwide.

She has helped hundreds of business owners to improve their marketing and get more clients. Her passion is to support business owners to achieve greater financial success through doing what they love.

Lisa Farr - Marketing Consultant and Coach

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
Inspired Business Academy

T: 01903 787506