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Newsletter September 2019

We hope you had a wonderful summer, and managed to enjoy some rest!

Casting your mind back before our August break, we were pleased to welcome reputable executive coach Georgina Woudstra to our event in July, who delivered a workshop on "The Art of Team Coaching".

Georgina opened the session by getting us to reconnect with our reasons for becoming a coach and it’s underpinning philosophy, continuing to reflect in small groups the different role of trainer, consultant, facilitator and coach in the context of team coaching, and the ethical dilemma but common situation when these roles crossover. 

The majority of the session saw a live simulation of a team coaching session made possible by nine brave volunteers from the Group. The simulation was paused at various points to share observations from the wider group, reflecting on different aspects including the dynamics and dance amongst the team, holding the space and agenda, and drawing on the sensory data coming up for the coach.

Georgina shared her vast knowledge of this area clarifying the role of the team coach and core competencies and how this may vary through the timeline of the coaching relationship.

Thank you Georgina for creating such a participative and insightful session.

We are excited to share the events we have scheduled for the rest of 2019 below, and please watch this space as we will shortly be reaching out to ask for submissions for our 2020 workshops.

Feedback from June event – "Daring to Ask, Daring to Look: Coaching the Childhood Story" with Sarah Hill
"Presenter had gentle low-key manner and was keen for us to learn without pushing her own sales pitch"
"The speaker - I really liked her, style, knowledge and approach"
"Excellent focused presentation and serious useful topic"

Forthcoming events:
Tuesday 24 September 2019 (18:15-20:00)
"Be here now: Using mindfulness in coaching" with Tim Segaller
Book Here for Tim Segaller

Tuesday 29 October 2019 (scheduled later in the month to avoid half term) (18:15-20:00)
"Enhancing our Ability to Foster the Coaching Relationship" with Elizabeth Crosse
Book Here for Elizabeth Crosse

Tuesday 26 November 2019 (18:15-20:00)
"Resilience for Future Success" with Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman
Book Here for Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman

We look forward to seeing you soon,
Warm wishes.

Carolyn, Hannah, Trish, Jan & Teresa

Carolyn Hartwig