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August 2015 Newsletter

LCG August Newsletter

August Event – Coaching Through the Menopause 

by Tim Taylor and Deborah Price

Despite a tube strike planned for that evening, and suspended at very short notice, there was a good turn up for this award-winning topic. Not really surprising when menopause, as natural as childbirth, is rarely discussed at work.

Tim Taylor and Deborah Price facilitated a very thought provoking group session. The conversations were wide and deep of a complex, yet very important subject. Attendees felt they were in a safe place, where ideas, feelings and observations could be shared openly. We talked about the symptoms of menopause and how to identify them to support coaching clients through this transition. There was an interesting conversation about embracing vulnerability and fear as part of leadership and we looked at this topic from both a male and female perspective.

The award winning coaches, Tim and Deborah, shared some insightful research findings. Did you know that organisations lose 20% of their talent, mostly Directors and C Level, when not planning for menopause? The cost of replacing each talented senior leader is enormous and diversity is diminished.

This event was a great way to start the conversation about the menopause at work and more discussions took place on LCG Twitter

Attendees, we would love to have your feedback link to feedback survey here.

If you\'d like to gain more understanding of how menopause affects working women and how to     talk about this with employers, HR, and life partners, Tim and Deborah are running a Masterclass day on 7th October in London Tim and Deborah\'s Masterclass.

Finally, if you feel this is relevant to you, please take the survey put together by Tim and Deborah: Tim and Deborah\'s Survey.

Upcoming Event – Tuesday 29 September 2015

You, Your Money And Your Money Mind-set with Wilma Allen

Venue:Holiday Inn Forum, Kensington

Book now for this event:

Eventbrite Bookings

This 90 minute session is a facilitated presentation for delegates to examine their money mind-set and their relationship with money.  They will learn, how by understanding and encompassing their relationship with money into their lives and business more comprehensively, they can strengthen their strengths and side-step the temptations that could sabotage their plans.

During the presentation they will examine:

  • their money mind-set
  • their money story
  • the impact that this is having on their business growth

Upcoming Events  - October and November


Tuesday 27 October 2015

Coaching – An Emerging Profession or a Tool? with David E Gray

Book now:

 Coaching  - An Emerging Profession or a Tool?

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Unconscious Bias with Edward Nelson

Book now:

Unconscious Bias

Please note that there is no LCG event in December

For more information and bookings, please go to Future Events


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LCG Twitter:

Tim and Deborah’s Masterclass

Holiday Inn Forum, Kensington 4DN, UK&FORM=MMREDR

Tim and Deborah’s Survey:

Eventbrite Bookings:

Coaching - An Emerging Profession or a Tool?

Unconscious Bias:

Future Events:

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