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March 2016 Newsletter

March event, Enough! A Journey into Personal Leadership with Integrity and Power Through Heart and Mind Fusion with Dr Magdalena Bak-Maier.  

We were delighted to welcome TEDx speaker and author Dr Magdalena Bak-Maier at the LCG this month! Magdalena explained how to connect the mind and the heart and why it was so important to be integrated to lead oneself and others.

Magdalena has an amazing talent to present such a complex subject, SIMPLY. The practical, heart and mind based exercises enabled attendees to witness how, through repetitive use of the techniques, the connection between people grew stronger on levels of trust, openness, more relaxed and more productive. Attendees also were able to get signed copies of Magdalena’s new book The Get Productive Grid.

Here are a couple of comments post-sessionb.

Rakish ‏@TheClearCoach  Amazingly insightful evening with Magdalena @maketimecountuk & Kish @KishLYL hosted by @LondonCoachGrp #Heart #Mind

Sarah Smith ‏@indigoleader @LondonCoachGrp @maketimecountuk Tonight\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s session was excellent. Neuroscience and practical exercises. #integrity

February Event Feedback - Helping Clients Flourish – Using Positive Psychology to Lift People’s Capability and Resources with Dr Rosie Miller.

“Good to revisit positive psychology”

“The ability to learn from examples and work with others in the group made the experience enjoyable”

“Excellent session, thank you!”

Upcoming events Tuesday 26 April How To Build A Coaching Practice with Joella Bruckshaw.

Joella will share the story of how she built a thriving coaching practice, including the trials and tribulations that led to her recognising the importance of having a clear, integrated proposition and a simple marketing strategy that she sticks to religiously! Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on what may be missing from their own coaching proposition and explore what will enable them to build their coaching business even more effectively! For more information on this event and to reserve your place, visit The London Coaching Grpoup\'s Events page.

We are looking forward to seeing you in April!

Warm wishes, 
Deborah, Kish, Isabelle and Lesley

February 2016 Newsletter

LCG February 2016 Newsletter

The February event - Helping Clients Flourish, Using Positive Psychology to Lift People’s Capability and Resources with Dr Rosie Miller.

Positive psychology in coaching attracted much interest and, once again, this month’s event was SOLD OUT!  Rosie captured the attention of the audience as she clearly explained how we recognise the flourishing state. She shared tangible examples and practical exercises based on scientific research to help coaches build positivity and resilience with positive emotions for themselves and their clients.

There was a great buzz and energy in the room when attendees shared What Went Well Today.

Thank you, Rosie, for sharing your research and for providing LCG with much food for thought and great, easy to apply, tools.

Upcoming events

Be sure to book your place on our upcoming events –

Tuesday 22 March

Enough! A Journey into Personal Leadership with Integrity and Power Through Heart and Mind Fusion with Dr Magdalena Bak-Maier is an opportunity to discover how heart and mind integration facilitates change and true progress. Magdalena’s approach is based on her research, practice as well as trial & error and her work creates conditions in which people can thrive rather than exist and cope with their situations. 

Book Here for Dr Magdalena Bak-Maier

Tuesday 26 April

How To Build A Coaching Practice with Joella Bruckshaw

Joella will share the story of how she built a thriving coaching practice, including the trials and tribulations that led to her recognising the importance of having a clear, integrated proposition and a simple marketing strategy that she sticks to religiously! Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on what may be missing from their own coaching proposition and explore what will enable them to build their coaching business even more effectively!

Book Here for Joella Bruckshaw

We are looking forward to seeing you in March!

Warm wishes,


Deborah, Kish, Isabelle and Lesley




LCG January 2016 Newsletter


January’s Event – 2016 Kickstarter Session - “Resourcing Resolutions from the System”
with John Whittington


We had a great start to the year with over 60 attendees at the 2016 Kickstarter session!  This event was sold out! Our thanks to all of those who came along for the session with John Whittington and Patrizia Amanati. 

After experiencing constellation work in pairs we joined up in small groups to explore our resolutions for 2016.  We used the system to prioritise our goals and uncovered blockages and resources to help us reach them.  Participants described their experiences as “wonderful”, “powerful” “interesting”. 

We were delighted to see familiar faces as well as some 10 people new to LCG as well as a visitor all the way from Sweden.  Great to see you again, Nina! 

All those who attended this event can also join the November closing session when we will review how well the year has gone. Bookings for November are  only open to those who attended the January Kickstarter. Attendees will be sent the link and password to make their reservations.

The next speaker is Rosie Miller who will be speaking on 23 FEBRUARY 2016 between 18h15 and 20h15. Her topic is  \\\"Helping Clients Flourish - Using Positive Psychology to Lift People\\\'s Capability and Resources\\\".

Book here for Rosie Miller

December 2015 Newsletter

LCG December 2015 Newsletter

It is with deep gratitude, some relief and a whole heap excitement that we come to the close of the LCG year!  


 Special thanks  to -

  • all of this year’s speakers – Lisa Farr, Jeremy Lazarus, Mark Walsh, John Whittington, Claire Pedrick, Aboodi Shabi, Joy Harcup, Terezia Koczka, Gill Smith, Hazel Russo, Deborah Price, Tim Taylor,  Wilma Allen, David Gray and Edward Nelson;
  • every 2015 attendee;
  • the small group hosts from the June event – Lisa Farr, Sarah Smith, Claire Palmer, Neil Scotton, Hazel Russo, Nick Cromwell, Ruth Needham & Kim Gregory;
  • the Abbey Centre and their staff, especially Georgina Deadman and Raoul;
  • The Holiday Inn, London Forum’s staff, Janaki, Elena and especially the team who always go beyond the call of duty “on the night”.
  • Lesley Vaughan – our hardworking, creative virtual assistant - and Isabelle Bano – our social media strategist & positive influencer – key members of our LCG team; and
  • everyone who has been so supportive to us in this first year of co-chairing the group

We really couldn’t have done it without you – your support and professionalism has been much appreciated!  Please see our compilation of photos below from all of the 2015 events.


It has been hard work alongside our day jobs and we, like you, are tired now and ready for a break!  Kish is recovering well from her knee injury and will be on crutches for a few more months before she starts to rebuild her full strength.  Deborah is also recovering from a knee problem so we are both learning to slow down and take our feet off the pedal a bit more.  We will rest up over the holidays and look forward to reconnecting with you at the end of January!  


We have begun the task of putting together the 2016 schedule and will release speaker information from early January.  We are very pleased to have secured John Whittington for both the first and last sessions of the year!  His introduction to Constellations in April last year was, as you know, sold out and limited to 36 bookings.  Many of you were disappointed not to have been able to attend. John has agreed to come back in January to facilitate a constellation session on your New Year Resolutions – what do you want to focus on in 2016 and what do you need to pay attention to in order to achieve your goals?  In November we will inviting you to join us again to review how you got on with those goals – giving us a great opportunity to share highlights of our respective year’s personal and professional development and to close with a celebration.  John will also be supported by other qualified practitioners so that we will be able to open the sessions up to 50 attendees – details coming soon!

We are also thrilled to be in discussions about launching an online virtual coaching platform for all LCG’ers to join and practice their coaching skills, build on our community and share coaching research and case studies - stay tuned for more announcements…

Dates for your diaries

The speaker sessions next year will continue to be held on the last Tuesday of each month – please note the dates – January 26th, February 23rd March 29thApril 26th May 24th June 28th July 26th August 23rd September 27th October 25thand November 22nd.

We really look forward to seeing you there!


To celebrate the end of the year and to thank you for your support, we have selected 3 people to receive a complimentary ticket to a regular LCG speaker event of their choice in 2016 – they are  

  • Catherine Lambert - the very first person to book a ticket in 2015;
  • Jackie Heron - the person to attend the most events
  • Dominic Carter - chosen completely at random.

Cut and paste the link below into your browser to view the gallery of pics taken during the year.

So for now, it’s “goodnight” from me and it’s “goodnight” from her….

Warmest Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to you all!


Deborah & Kish

Newsletter - November 2015

LCG November Newsletter

This Month\'s Event– Unconscious Bias with Edward Nelson

Unconscious Bias clearly caught the eyes and ears of many as we ended the LCG year with another SOLD OUT event.  Edward soon captured the hearts and minds of the group with his own passion, vulnerability -“ I am actually a bit nervous standing here, ready to start this talk, as a middle aged white bloke …” and particular spin on this challenging, and often invisible, topic.  He soon filled the room with his infectious energy, provoking thought and lively discussion. It was really clear how much Unconscious Bias meant to Edward himself and he created a very inclusive, level playing field in which the conversation, as both offender and offendee, could unfold.  Many thanks, Ed!

Several guests took advantage of the facilities available at the Holiday Inn and stayed for drinks and a lively post speaker conversation. It was a great way to celebrate the end of the LCG year!  Thank you all for your wonderful support throughout 2015.

There were some great comments on Twitter that you can read at, including:


Maria Jesus Orihuela @Miz_Purpura  Nov 24

Fascinating session on unconscious bias with Edward Nelson from @rogenSi via the @LondonCoachGrp

Barbara Miller @teleostraining  Nov 25

It was a really interesting talk @LondonCoachGrp still thinking about it this morning!

Kim Gregory @StrengthsAtWork  Nov 25

Thanks to @LondonCoachGrp and @DPCoach for a great evening on Unconscious Bias yesterday. Really thought provoking!

Upcoming Events

LCG will recommence its schedule of speakers in 2016, starting on Tuesday 26 January 2016 and continuing on the last Tuesday of each month.  More information about the speakers, topics and venue will be announced once we have booked them.  We are maintaining our spirit of spontaneity and are currently considering applications and topics!  Please do let us know of unusual, relevant topics that you are interested in and of any speakers you know personally and can highly recommend by contacting us at  

We will be doing a full review of the LCG year in our final newsletter of 2015 so do email us with your favorite moments, comments anecdotes and/or photos by December 11th.

Enjoy the warm up to the Christmas Break!

Warmest wishes,



Deborah, Kish, Isabelle and Lesley








Newsletter - October 2015

LCG October Newsletter

“Coaching – An Emerging Profession or a Tool?”  

by Professor David E Gray

We had a record crowd for this month’s fascinating session with David Gray including a significant number of people who were new to the LCG.  David shared the findings of his global research into what a professional identity is and whether coaching has one.  We broke into smaller groups and debated some questions arising from the research including“does it matter?.  There was a great hubbub of networking activity both pre and post session this month – a great atmosphere!

Attendees, we would love to have your feedback - anyone who responds to the feedback survey will automatically receive a copy of the slides from the presentation.


Survey Monkey Feed Back

Last LCG event this year – Tuesday 24 November 2015

Unconscious Bias with Edward Nelson

Venue: Holiday Inn Forum, 97 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4DN

 Holiday Inn forum - Kensington


A highly interactive session to provoke thought and discussion about unconscious bias. A look at what coaches may look for when working with business professionals to help them with biases in their workplaces.  

Find out more and Book now - Eventbrite Bookings

Please note that there is no LCG event in December so do come along and join us for a celebratory, end of year drink after the session. 


Join the conversation at All your Retweets and Favs are very much appreciated. Thanks to all the followers!

We look forward to seeing you again soon,

Warm wishes

Deborah, Kish, Isabelle and Lesley.











September 2015 Newsletter

LCG September Newsletter

September Event – You, Your Money and Your Money Mind-set by Wilma Allan

Wilma Allan facilitated a very interactive session that made us think about our money beliefs in depth. One exercise was about understanding our money story and we worked in pairs to identify beliefs, habits, emotions and feelings about money. Another one was about exploring our relationship with money. Wilma gave us time and space for reflection. 

Did you know that some common blockages to creating more money are fear of outshining someone, low self-esteem, past money story, thinking rich people are bad, and fear of losing it all?

Wilma invited us to create our new money legacy, including 5 new empowering statements and to make money a priority. Then, we went on to identify our money archetype. Are you an Accumulator, a Romantic or maybe a Maverick?

Attendees, we would love to have your feedback Survey Monkey Feedback 

Next Event – Tuesday 27 October 2015

Coaching – An Emerging Profession or a Tool? by Professor David E Gray



Holiday Inn Kensington Forum

Book now for this event:  (Eventbrite bookings £15 + £1.56 fee, including a wide selection of teas and coffees, cookies, fruits and even ice creams!). Cash payable at the door at £20/pp.

This session will report on a global coaching survey on the extent to which coaches identify with coaching as a profession, or see it as a task performed within a portfolio of HR or other roles. 

The research adopted a mixed methods design using a quantitative survey (756 responses) of professional coaching associations’ members, two focus groups (to validate the survey instrument) and 28 qualitative interviews to add depth and illustration to the quantitative results. 

The session will include insightful findings and interesting stories told about respondent’s journeys into coaching. It will comprise group work followed by a plenary session for reporting back and discussing. Find out more: 


An Emerging Profession or a Tool Bookings


Last event for this year - Tuesday 24 November 2015

Unconscious Bias with Edward Nelson

Unconscious Bias Bookings


Please note that there is no LCG event in December!



Join the conversation at All your Retweets and Favs are very much appreciated. Thanks to all the followers (almost 400!). 


We look forward to seeing you again soon,

Warm wishes

Deborah, Kish, Isabelle and Lesley.

If you are not able to open the hyperlinks, cut and paste the following links into your browser:


Survey Monkey Feed Back 


Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum


Eventbrite Bookings


Unconscious Bias Bookings




August 2015 Newsletter

LCG August Newsletter

August Event – Coaching Through the Menopause 

by Tim Taylor and Deborah Price

Despite a tube strike planned for that evening, and suspended at very short notice, there was a good turn up for this award-winning topic. Not really surprising when menopause, as natural as childbirth, is rarely discussed at work.

Tim Taylor and Deborah Price facilitated a very thought provoking group session. The conversations were wide and deep of a complex, yet very important subject. Attendees felt they were in a safe place, where ideas, feelings and observations could be shared openly. We talked about the symptoms of menopause and how to identify them to support coaching clients through this transition. There was an interesting conversation about embracing vulnerability and fear as part of leadership and we looked at this topic from both a male and female perspective.

The award winning coaches, Tim and Deborah, shared some insightful research findings. Did you know that organisations lose 20% of their talent, mostly Directors and C Level, when not planning for menopause? The cost of replacing each talented senior leader is enormous and diversity is diminished.

This event was a great way to start the conversation about the menopause at work and more discussions took place on LCG Twitter

Attendees, we would love to have your feedback link to feedback survey here.

If you\\\'d like to gain more understanding of how menopause affects working women and how to     talk about this with employers, HR, and life partners, Tim and Deborah are running a Masterclass day on 7th October in London Tim and Deborah\\\'s Masterclass.

Finally, if you feel this is relevant to you, please take the survey put together by Tim and Deborah: Tim and Deborah\\\'s Survey.

Upcoming Event – Tuesday 29 September 2015

You, Your Money And Your Money Mind-set with Wilma Allan

Venue:Holiday Inn Forum, Kensington

Book now for this event:

Eventbrite Bookings

This 90 minute session is a facilitated presentation for delegates to examine their money mind-set and their relationship with money.  They will learn, how by understanding and encompassing their relationship with money into their lives and business more comprehensively, they can strengthen their strengths and side-step the temptations that could sabotage their plans.

During the presentation they will examine:

  • their money mind-set
  • their money story
  • the impact that this is having on their business growth

Upcoming Events  - October and November

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Coaching – An Emerging Profession or a Tool? with David E Gray

Book now:

 Coaching  - An Emerging Profession or a Tool?

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Unconscious Bias with Edward Nelson

Book now:

Unconscious Bias

Please note that there is no LCG event in December

For more information and bookings, please go to Future Events


If you are unable to open any of the hyperlinks, cut and paste the following into your browser:

LCG Twitter:

Tim and Deborah’s Masterclass

Holiday Inn Forum, Kensington 4DN, UK&FORM=MMREDR

Tim and Deborah’s Survey:

Eventbrite Bookings:

Coaching - An Emerging Profession or a Tool?

Unconscious Bias:

Future Events:

July 2015 Newsletter

LCG July Newsletter

July Event - Lumination in Action with Hazel Russo

Hazel had the ingenuity to create a personal development board game a few year sago. When she started \'playing\' the game one to one or with a small group, she then realised that \'players\' were getting to the heart of the matter very quickly. So when she became a coach she decided to use the game as a coaching tool. 

Hazel\'s session was fun and light hearted. Attendees were very eager to play and experience the game for themselves. The group was divided into pairs and we used the game as a coaching tool to coach one another around a current challenge.

At the beginning, Hazel asked a few questions including “what is the question you want to bring to Lumination?” Different people were taking turns to roll the dice and make moves on the board. At times there was just a space for reflection, at times there was the opportunity to pick a card - The wood cutter and the clear thinker came out. Hazel explained what they meant and asked more powerful questions to help us discover even more insights.

We were gently invited to take action as well. The game allowed the coaching process to be non-directive and that what made it so powerful. It meant you had to go with the flow as coach and coachee. Hazel facilitated the session brilliantly and after the event many attendees kept the conversation going, encouraging each other to take action. The overall observation was that powerful shifts were made through the game, simply and with deep insight.

Wow, wow, wow and wow. An amazing evening with Hazel Russo. Much learning and discovery with her Lumination game. I can\'t wait to get my hands on a set and use with my clients. Thanks for another great event LCG.” Alison Reeves

You can find more photos, quotes and participant feedback on Twitter at LCG Twitter Feeds

Finally, if you attended the event, please do give us your feedback here - 

Hazel Russo Survey 



Emerging Trends in Coaching and the LCG Summer Party was a great success and your feedback is now in.  Please do take a look at Emerging Trends in Coaching and LCG Summer Party Feedback

If you wish to receive a copy of The Emerging Trends in Coaching presentation, request it from

If you attended the event and would like an attendee list, please request it from

Visit Emerging Trends in Coaching and Summer Party Feedback to view the feedback from the June Event – Emerging Trends in Coaching and the Summer Party.


Upcoming Event - Tuesday 25th August 

Coaching Through the Menopause with Deborah Price and Tim Taylor.

Venue: The Holiday Inn – Kensington Forum

Menopause, as natural as childbirth, is rarely discussed at work even amongst women, for fear of professional suicide.  8 out of 10 women will be affected by their menopause symptoms and, with 3.5 million women over the age of 50 working full-time, they are going to need our support.  Peri-menopause, the stage before menopause when women are transitioning into the menopause, has the potential to derail a career and cost businesses thousands of pounds in lost talent, innovation and experience.  

Coaches need to be prepared to address this issue and to educate their corporate clients about its potential impact – supporting talented managers affected.  This session will raise awareness of the many symptoms that may be experienced enabling coaches to educate, normalise and validate the experiences of this client group.

Learning objectives for the session:

  1. Understanding the array of potential symptoms
  2. Preparing how to raise this taboo subject with clients and HR professionals 
  3. Understanding how coaching can help save organisations thousands of pounds in lost talent by not addressing this issue

For more information and to book your place, please go to 

Eventbrite Coaching Through the Menopause

Upcoming Events  - September, October, and November

Tuesday 29 September 2015

You, Your Money and Your Money Mind-set with Wilma Allen

Eventbrite, You, Your Money and Your Money Mind-set


Tuesday 27 October 2015

Coaching – An Emerging Profession or a Tool? with David E Gray

Eventbrite Coaching An Emerging Profession or Tool


Tuesday 24 November 2015

Unconscious Bias with Edward Nelson

Eventbrite Unconscious Bias

Please note that there is no LCG event in December

For more information and bookings, please go to Eventbrite Future Events



For the latest information about our events and follow live if you can\'t attend, please join over 300 followers by clicking on this link Twitter and follow @LondonCoachGrp  - you can favourite, share and retweet our events – please do!

If you are not able to access the hyperlinks, cut and paste the following into your browser.



Emerging Trends in Coaching and Summer Party Updates

Survey Monkey

Eventbrite 25 August 2015

Eventbrite 29 September 2015

Eventbrite 27 October 2015

Eventbrite  24 November 2015

Eventbrite Future Events






Emerging Trends in Coaching & LCG Summer Party Summary Feedback

What people most enjoyed about the event 

The topic of Emerging Trends was very popular as was the opportunity to network.  The group work and the participation of all three coaching bodies (the speakers and the coach attendees) were also highlighted by many as what they most enjoyed.

e.g. of comments -    

  • Having the three coaching bodies together and witnessing them working collaboratively. The discussion on trends, especially the quantity/quality of thoughts from the breakouts was very informative and thought provoking
  • The networking - interesting exchanges of views and the welcoming, relaxed atmosphere
  • The interactive breakout groups which discussed targeted themes, i.e. professionalism, etc.

What people least enjoyed about the event

There were a mixture of responses to this question - some people found it too long, others too short. Some felt it was too broad a topic, others too restrictive and directive.  It was clear that there was an appetite for a more in depth, challenging and creative exploration of the emerging trends.  

e.g. of comments -

  • Not enough challenge or inspiration! Many speaker events open up new lines of thought, but I didn\'t come away feeling excited or stretched!
  • It painted a picture of an industry struggling to survive and prove itself, rather than one blazing any trails, or contributing in a vital way to society.
  • Spent too long on informing us about data
  • I would have expected more data and research.
  • Many important aspects have been raised and now it would be important to develop them and there was not time enough to do it.

Overall impressions

89% of respondents thought the Event was good or excellent;

71% of respondents thought the Speakers, Gill Smith, Joy Harcup & Terezia Koczka were good or excellent;

81% of respondents thought that the MC, Aboodi Shabi, was good or excellent;

78% of respondents thought that the topic was a useful one to discuss.

Comments received about the LCG Summer Party

Overall respondents told us that they really enjoyed the event and the change of venue to a more professional setting.  Some felt the hotel was too corporate, not inspiring or characterful enough and would prefer a more central location.  The added expense of the event was mostly well received for one off or special events - some would have liked the wine and canapés to have been before the event and others would have appreciated more wine for the additional cost.  

e.g. of comments -

  • Fabulous opportunity to network and venue and refreshments very good
  • The organisers might have taken a few minutes to recap on the year, with a photo of each event/presenter and topic and maybe one bit of feedback on each…..
  • The networking during the event and the party afterwards provided opportunities to nurture professional coaching relationships and potential collaborations
  • The event as a concept is very good but it could as well have been a short talk followed by networking. The Q&A session was poor.
  • I enjoyed the format and timing a lot. The venue worked well too
  • Great venue. Great initiative
  • It was as good as these events can be

“Other” comments -

  • It would be useful to invite more targeted coaching buyers and investors next time. Most of attendees were coaches.
  • Thanks - appreciate how difficult it is to have the three bodies together.
  • Very enjoyable, engaging, well-organised event.
  • The event was well attended but with 100% coach providers the perspectives present limited.
  • Thanks to all those who volunteered and gave their time to help make this a successful event.
  • Well done! It was a great showcase of the profession coming together and taking on some chunky subjects.
  • I was very disappointed. I had travelled for two hours to attend and I thought from beginning to end was very poorly delivered. I wanted specific information that I didn\'t already now.  These kind of talks I feel should be much more directive and not interactive
  • Keep brining the 3 bodies together but do NOT merge. They each offer their members a different approach and slightly different membership and this is valuable as a perspective and experience of being part of a professional association.
  • My debut event. Very insightful, enjoyable and useful. Many thanks to all who took the time & trouble to arrange it!
  • Well done to the team - a professionally run event.... many thanks
  • Would like more of these joint events 
  • I always think the LCG do the best coaching related events
  • As a first time attendee I didn\'t feel the initial networking was very effective. It seemed people hung out with others they knew, rather than make an effort to make newbies feel welcome. As a result of the experience when I arrived, I decided not to attend the party. I\'ll try again though



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