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Events - Building The Bridge: How To (Easily) Take More Strangers Into Becoming Paying Coaching Clients

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Building The Bridge: How To (Easily) Take More Strangers Into Becoming Paying Coaching Clients

Speaker: Corrina Gordon-Barnes
Type: Paid on the Door
Venue: The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BU (Click venue address for map)
Date: 28 August 2012

The London Coaching Group is pleased to welcome all coaches and those interested in coaching to their monthly events. Networking starts at 6:15 pm, with the featured session commencing at 6:45pm. The cost including light refreshments is £10:00 and booking in advance is essential to reserve your place.

Building The Bridge: How To (Easily) Take More Strangers Into Becoming Paying Coaching Clients

You're great at coaching, you've got shiny business cards,you're getting yourself out there - so why don't you have a queue of coaching clients knocking at your door? Chances are it's not that your rates are too high - although many coaches presume this and then scrape by with discounted rates. It's also not true that you can't make a decent full-time living as a coach. It's actually that - like even the most experienced business owners - you simply haven't given yourself the time to think through your 'conversion' process from the client's point of view. What's missing is knowing the simple steps that take a total stranger into becoming a signed-up, happy customer.

(By the way, this presentation is definitely for you if you hate sales-y words like 'conversion' and prefer to see your prospective clients as people, not statistics). In this session, you'll discover how to make it super-easy for your ideal clients to get the coaching support they need - and ultimately get YOU the full client coaching practice and income you're yearning for.

In addition to my interactive speaking approach, there will be visualizations and partner work to allow participants to "think as client" and talk through the details of their process, with their partner assisting them to see and fill the gaps in that process.

There will be a resource list with suggestions for systems to put in place and service providers to research (e.g. email contact forms, teleconference bridge lines, email list management software) to enable each step of the process

During the session you will:

1. identify your own individual step-by-step client 'conversion' process (from total stranger to paying client)

2. identify where your ideal clients have been slipping through the gaps in your process.

3. identify which systems you need to put in place to facilitate each step of the process

Corrina Gordon-Barnes (CPCC) is a certified coach and through her business, You Inspire Me, has worked with hundreds of selfemployed individuals, helping them get to grips with how to run their own practice. She supports coaches and other practitioners to learn marketing, niche definition, market research, packaging, pricing and sales - in an authentic, heart-felt, intuitive way. The result? They earn good money doing the work they are truly good at and passionate about.

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